In a world where anyone with a blog can get a book deal, why should one of this decade's most tenuous trend pieces be optioned for film? The Observer is reporting that rights to "The Man Date," Jennifer 8. Lee's shocking expose on buddy nights are on the verge of being acquired by an independent filmmaker. God give us strength; we know how this one is going to turn out.

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We'd make some joke about how any jackass concept is now up for grabs in Hollywood, but, in a bit of breaking news, our recent posts on weighing the fall fashion issues have been picked up by Pixar for an animated feature starring the voices of Drew Barrymore as Jess Coen, Debra Messing as Scaley the Scale, and Steve Busecmi as Krucoff, a rodent mascot who won't stop commenting on the process.

Off the Record [NYO]

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