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Publicists, take heed! Richer-than-you magazine Haute Living — recently the focus of our class ire as they've announced a forthcoming New York edition — has taken a moment to outline how they'll make their editorial content available to anyone flacking something "fresh" (like, say, rosé!). Courtesy of co-publisher/founder Seth Semilof, presented word-for-word:

From: Seth Semilof
Date: August 16, 2006 12:23:51 PM EDT
Subject: Get your Client in Haute News

Place your clients in Haute News: Cool news items. They must be "fresh"

Examples: Celebrity buyers or sellers(including those seen "looking") New celebrity-owned South Florida restaurant, or is frequented by one.

"Innocent" gossip (can be anonymous) such as "Rumor has it that Colin Ferrall will be calling one of the condos at the W Hotel and Residences South Beach home for three months while he's in town filming Miami Vice."

Over-the-top new listing/closing from a brokerage firm. Replacement marketing/selling firm for a new development.

Well-know power broker moving to another firm. Famous architect re: new development

Now it's your turn: take out your Magnetic Poetry Kit and craft the next Haute Living blurb!