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Bravo executive Andy Cohen updates his blog with such inspiring passion and prolificacy that we're amazed he has any time left over for his primary duties, such as submitting himself to star in his own series. We were relieved today to see that, after a brief sojourn into more sober territory with his recent call for a Jessica Simpson jihad, Cohen is back to what he does best: unzipping and overturning his manclutch, allowing the celebrity names within to tumble to his flip-flopped feet with a reverberating clunk.

Ralph Fiennes Interviews Andy about Runway!

I've been quietly bugging my pal Ralph Fiennes to let me interview him for his entire (sold out, enchanting, critically acclaimed) run of "Faith Healer" on Broadway. He mentioned to me several months ago that he'd been hearing quite a lot about "Project Runway" and wanted to know what the fuss was about. I sent him the entire second season on DVD. Would you believe that the English Patient himself devoured those DVD's and became a "Runway" addict like the rest of us? After watching the DVDs he suggested a brilliant idea perfectly suited for an egomaniac like myself. "I am sick of being interviewed," he confessed. "But I have an idea. How about I interview YOU about 'Project Runway' for your blog?"

And that's exactly what the Academy Award-nominated actor does, pressing Andy for sensational details, such as which contestants have "made it work" between the sheets. (Cohen postulates that second season's Santino may have ultimately found more Andrae than he initially bargained for.) It's definitely a color to the respected actor we haven't seen before, which might ultimately detract from future viewings of Schindler's List, when we picture Fiennes screeching "Noooooo! Not the silk charmeuse! Your draping skills will be the end of you!!!" to a contestant he felt may have gotten a little off track.