With heavy heart, we must announce the loss of our beloved intern Amanda Dobbins to those poaching fiends at Huffington Post. Amanda did yeoman (yeowoman?) work assembling the To-Do list that daily graced these pages, freeing us up for mojitos and The View. We'll miss her professionalism, humor, and downright spooky reliability, but we understand that transcribing Arianna's thoughts on vacation in the Caribbean requires more time than she would be able to dedicate to our pedestrian pursuits.

The show goes on, as always. We're actually looking to fill two intern positions this time. Intern #1 will take over assembling the daily To-Do list, while Intern #2 will run a larger upkeep project as well as a very small amount of daily research. Interested parties should already know how to blog and, ideally, have an existing blog. You must also be located in New York City. No exceptions to any of these requirements. Work from home (or anywhere there's a net connection) or Gawker HQ. There is a certain small amount of actual pay involved. No resumes or attachments; send five sentences — maximum — explaining yourself, plus links to blogs or other online writing samples, to gawkslave@gmail.com.