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Saul Chernick wants to put ads in the Village Voice and on Craigslist offering individualized tattoos for Jews based on their religious experiences. He wants to conduct interviews, design the tattoos, go with participants to get inked and document the entire process as a work of art.

Julie Seltzer is thinking about writing a rock musical about religious extremists bent on rebuilding the Jewish Temple.

Jeremiah Lockwood and his band, The Sway Machinery, want to roll the Lockwood family's cantorial traditions into rock and world pop music.

A collection of bad jokes waiting to be made? No, a harrowing vision of our possible future. Seems the UJA-Federation is giving up to $45,000 in grants and stipends to "New York-area musicians, visual artists and performing artists with big, edgy ideas for art projects with Jewish themes."

Of course, being Jews and all, there's a catch: You've got to be between 22 and 39. While that may upset those of you who fall outside that demographic, we have to say we're a little cheered: We're that much more likely to receive funding for our own concept, a gay porn film based on the works of Martin Buber called Between Man and Man.

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