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Bruno Kirby's sudden death was certainly a shock to the Hollywood community yesterday, especially to those on the red carpet at the Pantages Theater for last night's opening of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels who were ambushed with the news by a KCAL news crew. Especially effective was their reporter's flawless set-up of Jennifer Tilly, who was allowed to get a couple of seconds into a cheerful account of her work with Kirby on Stuart Little before being cut off with the news of the actor's death, inducing an initial look (pictured) of equal parts confusion and hope she'd be beset by a high-fiving Ashton Kutcher and her still-living pal having a good laugh at the expense of her gullibility. The video is here, which makes a fine first installment for KCAL's planned running series of reports on What Famous People's Faces Look Like When They've Unexpectedly Received Word of a Colleague's

UPDATE: It looks like KCAL has not only removed the video, it has replaced it—if you go to their news item about Kirby's death, there is now a clip of what appears to be two interns somberly reading some scripted copy about the story. We call shenanigans! Please let us know if you relocate the ambush video on their site.

UPDATE 2: Looks like the video is back up.