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Everyone's been just fantastic today, voting for hotties in the men's round of Web 2.Ooh, the latest Valleywag hotties tournament. We're shutting down the men's polls in the morning, but meanwhile we're starting the votes for the ladies of Web 2.0. From left to right, they are:

Top row: Vlogger Amanda Congdon, 88SLIDE's Rachel Smith Rhodes, Stirr's Joanne Wan, Citizen Agency's Tara Hunt

Bottom row: Ning's Gina Bianchini, PodTech's Valerie Cunningham, Revver's Micki Krimmel, Socialtext's Julia French

Give them a hand, then give them your votes when these hotties face off in Round 2 of the Web 2.Ooh Tourney.

Photos by Will Pate, 88SLIDE, Joanne Wan, Tara Hunt, Yoz Grahame, Tantek Celik, Kris Krug, and Alexander Haislip.

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