We're well into our Web 2.Ooh Tourney, and the next two contestants are the counterparts to male bash-masters Auren and Jonathan.

Web 2.Ooh: Joanne Wan vs. Tara Hunt

As co-host of the monthly Stirr Mixers, Joanne Wan climbs the stairs at Palo Alto's Blue Chalk Cafe to work the crowd and speak with the startuppers. Then she descends into the pool of blue button-downs and khakis to guide nervous little nerds into the arms of sugar-daddy venture capitalists.


Web 2.Ooh: Joanne Wan vs. Tara Hunt

Tara Hunt's party scene is up in San Francisco, where the Citizen Agency marketing consultant hops around cocktail nights in the SOMA district. Tara can often be seen wrapped in public embrace with boyfriend Chris Messina.


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