Will the ladies' stage of Web 2.Ooh ever end? Let's hope not! The next two contestants are ready for action!

Web 2.Ooh: Gina Bianchini vs. Valerie Cunningham

Gina Bianchini has to deal with Marc "I was on the cover of TIME in my bare feet" Andreesen. Okay, working at Ning with the creator of Netscape must be pretty cool — especially when he says on video that he doesn't like meeting customers, and Gina has to prove it was a joke by welcoming a visiting group of users with midday cake.


Web 2.Ooh: Gina Bianchini vs. Valerie Cunningham

Is it all about the cheekbones, or did we pick Valerie Cunningham because she's such a player in the conference world? Formerly part of AlwaysOn's GoingOn conference, Cunningham now works at PodTech, the podcast network that specializes in swarming every confab in the Valley. Plus, she took Valleywag friend Ben Casnocha to Valley hotspot Buck's of Woodside for the first time. We give her major points for that power breakfast.


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