The last poll of the night may be the toughest to call: our personal bet is on one of these two to take home the Web 2.Ooh crown.

Web 2.Ooh: Micki Krimmel vs. Julia French

You know the term "L.A. hot," used to indicate a higher level of hotness than that of mere mortals? Fun fact: That term was invented for Micki Krimmel. "Mickipedia," the director of community at Revver hops up to the Valley often enough to party and wow the crowd — "You mean it's like a YouTube that pays me money?" — before jetting back to the City of Angels.


Web 2.Ooh: Micki Krimmel vs. Julia French

Again with the stunning cheekbones! Julia French, "relationship manager" of Socialtext, is the company's go-to for press relations, so like so many Web 2.Oohers, she'll be found on the conference circuit (sense a pattern?) reminding people that yes, enterprise wikis can be sexy.


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