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Fresh off his success as "Handy Manny," the ominously named, fix-it-guy-of-color recently relocated to the Disney Channel neighborhood, THR is reporting that pitch-crazy megatalent Wilmer Valderrama has hooked Universal with his high concept comedy, PartyBuddies:

Universal Pictures has optioned the rights to the comedy "PartyBuddys" for Valderrama to produce as a possible starring vehicle.

The project is based on the life stories of James King and Jason Roefaro, who founded the New York company PartyBuddys, which offers its clients a type of fast-pass to a celebrity lifestyle for a night. Clients can get VIP treatment at clubs with the help of a savvy PartyBuddy, plus be shadowed by pseudo-bodyguards and fake paparazzi.

It's a tantalizing proposition: A fairy godmother-style small business that, by simply meeting their quote, provides you with your very own fedora and set of Mastersons to round out the "I'm a complete asshole" fantasy you've long dreamt of fulfilling. Of course, high rollers might allow themselves to be upsold to the deluxe package, which includes a virginal Mandy Moore-type waiting to be deflowered in a Range Rover parked in a back alley.