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We're not exactly sure what connection there is between a white-trash guy whose only contribution to society was the rapid double-impregnation that finally broke the career of a fading pop star and Liberace's rooftop mausoleum of lavish, extreme kitsch, but some event planning visionary obviously connected those dots to decide to host Kevin Federline's Teen Choice Awards party in the deceased entertainer's Hollywood penthouse. The invitation optimistically indicates that the party will rage on from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., but we imagine that Liberace's ghost and the phantom faggle he's having over to cackle at Federline and his friends will quickly tire of the soiree, and the guest of honor's impromptu performance of "PopoZao" will be cut short by a hail of candelbras rained down upon him by the gay poltergeists unimpressed with his musical abilities.