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TypePad gave marketer and blogger Seth Godin's latest creation a "Book of the Month" nod, which would explain why the blog service is shoving both blog and book down suscribers' throats, leaving us gagging like LiLo and Nicole Richie during a pre-Glamour-shoot purge.

While we're a little weary of the book's cover, which out-deranges Chucky, the maniacal doll with a penchant for serial killing, Godin's blog offers up some novel plebe analogies relating Starbucks to blogging and why he's just so fond of the word "awkward." (Anyone care to guess?)

All things considered, after reading the "Free Stuff, Self-Promotion, and Repetition" post where Godin nearly sounds sincere while apologizing for having to sell himself for the umpteenth time, we were thinking this regurgitated material (the book is made entirely of old blog posts) might have been made more palatable with a Starbucks run. (Wait...damn that sneaky blog marketing stuff!)

The TypePad-Godin Lovefest climaxes on August 22 with a tryst brought to you via Skype. After that, Godin will be back to his full-time job — namely, soliciting more compliments to add to his About page.

— Beth Gottfried

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