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We never get the good taxis:

Faced with a track work-related delays and cancellations, we cut our subway ride back to Brooklyn short at City Hall last Sunday and jumped in a cab at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. A minute or two after almost running over a nerdy hipster (or would that be hipster nerd?) on his Vespa, our fearless driver turned around to us and dangled a dime bag between the seats. "Yo, you wanna buy some pot, man?" We were not surprised when he later revealed that he had recently received his bachelor's degree in business.

So many questions: Does this cabbie profile his rides before making his pitch (iPod = potential customer)? Was the weed more expensive because of the in-cab convenience? Did he have any other treats for sale? And above all else, where'd he get his degree? If we could've majored in Taxi Cab Drug Economics, maybe our education wouldn't have been a complete waste.

The Secret Lives of Cab Drivers [Brooklyn Record]