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Inspired by weeks of tragic civilian casualties in Lebanon and Israel, 85 of Hollywood's most influential citizens have finally answered the world's call to decry in list form the violence initiated by terrorist organizations such as, but not limited to, Hezbollah and Hamas by pooling their vast resources to purchase this advertisement in the LA Times. Before the participants in what history will remember as Names Across A Newspaper Page were allowed to join the project, they first were asked to sign a pledge (assistant signatures were acceptable in the cases of individuals tied up on movie sets) that they were, at minimum, "vaguely upset about the Middle East," ensuring that the ad's expression of their "pain and devastation" would be genuine. The ad is pictured here (via this post on Webloggin), and you can safely assume that any industry player not on the roster either forgot to add their name to the end of the chain e-mail and forward it along to everyone in their address book, or is actively funding at least one anti-democratic or terrorist cause.