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Among our popular local pastimes, few delight more than collecting and trading secret In-N-Out ordering tips you'd never find on the regular menu. Who, for example, could forget the now legendary 100x100 affair, which was directly responsible for four delicious cardiac arrest deaths plus a number of beef-and-cheese poisonings. Now, the Los Anjealous blog offers up several secret secret menu items available to you by merely dropping their names at the counter with a knowing wink:

The Monet - An inverted paper employee hat filled with 32 oz. of burger dressing, topped with pickles floated on the surface. [...]

Mt. Rushmore - 4 fresh whole potatoes, peeled and hand carved to the likenesses of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln, deep-fried to golden brown perfection.

Deluxe Flying Dutchman - Kobe beef culotte steak, seved with jalapeno marmalade, with roasted tomato and morel mushroom flan on the side.

The Billy - After ordering, head out back by the dumpsters and wait a bit. Billy will blow you on his next break. (Hollywood location, Weds 4-8 only.)

We're burned out on Billies lately—well, to be honest, his enthusiasm has dipped considerably since we insisted on the introduction of a single, coiled slice of American cheese into the proceedings—so feel free to contribute your own In-N-Out menu items to the comments section, which we'll have our assistants collate into a specially tabbed section of the Official Defamer HQ Take-Out Menu Binder.