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Last Thursday, the staffs from the Observer and New York magazine took to the softball field; it would be no small exaggeration to say the prettily pink players from the Observer had their witty asses handed to them on the proverbial plate (we imagine that if New York were to actually use a plate for this purpose, it'd be an elegant piece of dinnerware from Kate Spade's Gramercy Park line as recommended by Strategist). The score was 15-10 and, as the Observer write-up indicates, the crushing loss stemmed from a shitty first inning that had the NYO down 9-0:

So: what if that terrible first inning had never happened? The arithmetically glib answer would be: a rousing 8 - 6 victory for the Salmon. Yet that doesn't get at the deeper issues—the possible acts of heroism that went undone, the mysterious feedback between success and confidence, confidence and success. In pursuit of those deeper—and, did we mention, space-filling?—truths, we convened a panel of participants to explore the question of what might have been.

The Observer's write-up really is worth a read; if the New York team weren't too busy bathing themselves in celebratory barrels of Domaines Ott, they might even enjoy the Look Book.

Observer Softball Report: What If 9-0 Never Happened?