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And so, after a summer filled with many a memory and valuable life lessons, the filming of the MTV/Rolling Stone reality show has officially ended. Thanks to the nasty release form that all Wenner Media employees had to sign, gossip coming out of the office has been frighteningly sparse. What we've heard: the intern/contestants aren't particularly talented, but there is a hot blonde chick — you know, MTV's usual "excuse" for programming.

As much as we'd like to feign interest in who won this exercise in faux-journalistic stupidity, a mole tells us that the real buzz around Wenner is whether or not the show will air:

Then again, most of us could really give a rat's ass about the outcome of this contest. The general consensus seems to be that the contestants were a bunch of idiots who didn't know what to do when the cameras weren't rolling, and the MTV producers were intolerable pricks. Many of us don't think that the show will actually ever be aired, as we can't imagine how the footage could ever be edited down to the point of being even vaguely interesting. The rest of us are terrified that it'll take off & be successful, and the next logical step will be a contest for a group of idiots who want to be interns for US Weekly.

God forbid — unless it were hosted by Xzibit. Jann's been dying to get something pimped.

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