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Page Six has hit the blind item triumvirate: sexual harassment, a closeted gay and an unfaithful celebrity — none of which can be ignored. We've our suspicions on some of these, but best to submit to the wisdom of the masses. For your consideration:

• Which news anchor's boorish behavior forced his network to shell out big bucks to several women so they would drop their sexual harassment claims? He invited the ladies out to dinner - where he often couldn't keep his hands to himself - and then badgered them to come back to his apartment. Now the network is instituting mandatory sexual-harassment-awareness classes.

• Which movie-star stud is cowering in the closet? He was spotted last month making out at Cipriani in Venice with a hot piece of man-candy.

• Which sexy Latina actress who loves to talk about how much she loves her boyfriend secretly hooked up with an older gent after a recent awards show?

And, since we never got around to it, another good one from Gatecrasher last week:

Which major magazine executive probably isn't hungry when he goes home to his wife, since he's having Chinese at the office??

A refresher on the routine: you send us your guesses (no matter how unsubstantiated) as to the guilty parties (on ALL the items), and at the end of the day, we'll innocently put some non-libelous names out there — and maybe send a certain someone an order of lo mein. So get the paste out of your mouth and start guessing.