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Want to write a book but lack Pessl-like looks or the ability to string more than three words together? Apparently, that's no longer a bar to entry: Here are two recent deals reported in Publisher's Marketplace:

Quirkyalone author Sasha Cagen's THE TO-DO LIST PROJECT, based on her 'zine and blog of the same name (, and in the tradition of Found and This Book Will Change Your Life, it provides an interactive look at list making and what the lists we create say about us; including lists from celebrities and civilians alike, to Amanda Patten at Touchstone Fireside, in a nice deal, by Jill Grinberg of Anderson Grinberg Literary Management (NA).

Life editor Bill Shapiro's OTHER PEOPLE'S LOVE LETTERS, collecting anonymous letters from regular people, to Doris Cooper at Clarkson Potter, for publication in fall 2007, by Brian DeFiore at DeFiore and Company (NA).

What hath Found wrought? In completely unrelated news, Gawker Media is currently shopping What Does This Have To Do With Anything?: The Best of Gawker Commenters. We're expecting a "sweet" deal.

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