How a biker-vlogger snuck into the CrunchFest

Sarah Meyers' video proved that this weekend's TechCrunch bash in Menlo Park really was a hoity-toity invite-only affair. But how exactly did this interloping vlogger get into the party, and how was she kicked out? We asked her.

I don't remember how many [business] cards I passed out. What's my deal? TechCrunch is supposedly silicon valley's #1 party so I had to go. I could not get on the guest list so I decided to crash it.
I put on the wig as my disguise so that I would be able to change quickly if needed. I did change costumes after being kicked out for when I put business cards on the cars. I was in the party for 9 minuets before getting kicked out.

I came on a bike, motorcycle, and just parked right in the back and walked through the back stairwell. I went up the stairs, the same way the dcongo cheerleaders did, where Taste was serving. I was kicked out when the coordinator of the event noticed I was not wearing a name tag. She and guards escorted me to the front where they told me to leave in front of everyone!

Thanks, August Capital security team! If you guys weren't keeping the riffraff out, this party could have accidentally gotten interesting!

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