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Pocket Change, the most hateful boil on the tumor that is the lifestyle e-mail newsletter trend, uses a spokespersona by the name of "Richard Nouveau" who may or may not actually exist. Nevertheless, now that eyes have ceased rolling after "Nouveau's" most recent publicity stunt, BlogNYC received word that "Richard Nouveau" was handing out flyers in front of the Time Life building yesterday claiming that "Nouveau," now a developer, plans to change the name of 50th Street between 2nd and 3rd avenues. No word on what the new name would be, how such could be either possible or advisable, or why "Nouveau" wasn't instinctively executed on the spot. Anyone with intel on the flyers — or better yet, a scan — is encouraged to submit same.

Is the Fictitious Editor-at-Large Richard Nouveau Coming Back as a Developer? [BlogNYC]