Today's LAT Column One story on marijuana law specialist Allison Margolin, "L.A. dopest attorney," should send producers scrambling to option the rights to the Harvard-Law-by-way-of-Beverly-Hills-High grad's Legally Blonde meets Half Baked life story. Writer Maura Dolan has even outlined the opening scene of the inevitable screenplay, complete with dual dog-grooming, feet-rubbing "Boy Fridays" (one to eventually be portrayed as her best, poodle-stroking Gay, the other as the uptight law student with a deep commitment to reforming outdated anti-drug laws), a pre-trial automotive complication, and perhaps most crucially, the Telling Accessory belying the sharp legal mind we'll come to know and love:

Delayed by a flat tire, she had scurried into the courthouse 30 minutes after court started, clutching a pink leather briefcase and trailed by two 19-year-olds she introduced as her assistants, Daniel Samadi and Raymond Hay.

The pair of college students are Boy Fridays, answering her cellphone, fetching her food, walking her dog and soothing her when she gets tense.

Slender and small with olive coloring, her auburn hair pulled into a ponytail, Margolin was in constant motion, biting her lips, rubbing her chin, pulling at strands of hair.

She wore a black Armani pants suit and a sleeveless red top with a plunging neckline, revealing a silver-blue lacy camisole and generous cleavage. Frameless glasses perched on her nose.

It should also be mentioned that Margolin is hot, opening the door to the casting of a Jessica Alba type without it feeling untrue to the real-life attorney, and that she has a "physician's recommendation for medical marijuana," allowing for a scene in which she and a client legally treat their low-grade glaucoma with a bong hit while discussing their case. We, er, highly recommend you take a look at the whole article, because you'll be reading about the deal in the trades by the end of the week.