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Warner Bros. learned the hard way this summer that when audiences line up to see a movie called Superman Returns, what they expect to see is a super man returning to do super things, not a touchy-feely supermeditation on a single mom's efforts to balance work and family. Even WB studio head Alan Horn would later admit, "We should have had perhaps a little more action to satisfy the young male crowd." The Spider-Man franchise has had better success in that department, but the third installment is leaving nothing to chance: After piling on multiple love interests and villains, James Franco recently revealed to MTV News that director Sam Raimi is bringing back the cast for reshoots:

"The next thing I'm shooting?" series star James Franco said over the weekend. "Re-shoots on 'Spider-Man.' "

Revealing that director Sam Raimi has put out the call for "more action," Franco said he's being called back to the set of the blockbuster. "Probably next month," he added.

It's a testament to just how much is on the line with these enormously budgeted studio behemoths that a competent, proven director such as Raimi would second guess his own vision, embellishing his film's once quiet and romantic "upside down kiss in the rain"-style moments with enough exploding jack-o-lanterns and morphing alien space-fabrics to ensure its "young male" core audience is never in jeopardy of growing bored enough with the proceedings to start wondering if Spider-Man is harboring a secret crush on the Sandman.