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Back in February, Brittany Murphy gushed to People about her "devastatingly handsome" fiance, a best boy grip named Joe Macaluso she met on the set of Little Black Book ("best boy"—how cute it that?) with whom she "made it to date 17 without kissing." Well, in keeping with the delayed gratification theme of their whirlwind romance, People is now reporting the wedding has been called off, guaranteeing the two will likely make it all the way to their death beds without ever knowing the pleasures of marital coitus:

The two "have amicably ended their engagement. They remain close friends and wish each other much happiness," a rep for Murphy tells PEOPLE.

Last Sunday, Murphy showed up at the Teen Choice Awards without her engagement ring. Asked about her wedding plans in the press room, the actress became evasive before saying, "Everything is going wonderful, thank you. I'm just living every moment, you know, enjoying my day."

The couple's dissolution serves as a stinging reminder that intercredit marriage is still an unspoken taboo in Hollywood circles, with many clinging to their old-fashioned and backwards beliefs that above-the-title talent should never stray far from their own when looking for suitable companionship. Still, Murphy has never been one to play by society's rules, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart. So don't count yourselves out just yet, future Murphy production crew members—perhaps there's a Disney computer animator out there who can translate some of that Tinker Bell CGI sparkle into real life romantic fireworks.