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Keeping you abreast of the latest from the fashion hive that is the New York Times, a very special announcement:

The New York Times Names Chandler Burr as Its First-Ever Perfume Critic; Fragrances Will Be Reviewed In New Column Appearing In T: Style Magazine; ''Scent Strip'' Fragrance Column Will Debut on August 27

This is not a joke. This is very, very real. T: Style mag will be running a perfume column. Funny, since someone around there is clearly unable to smell the burning bag of dog shit in the back of the room. Or is that napalm?

Full release after the jump. Do give it a read, if only to for a sneak preview of Burr's inevitable entry into Great Moments in Journalism.



The New York Times announced today the appointment of Chandler Burr as its first columnist to review and rate fragrances. Mr. Burr, a longtime magazine writer and the author of "The Emperor of Scent: A True Story of Perfume and Obsession" (Random House, 2003), will have his first column - called Scent Strip - published in the fall issue of T: Women's Fashion on August 27, which will feature actor Catherine Keener on its cover.

Scent Strip will appear frequently in issues of T: The New York Times Style Magazine. In the column, Mr. Burr will review and rate new and classic perfumes as well as other scents such as perfumed candles. He will ascribe a four-star rating system to each perfume, similar to those awarded by The Times to restaurants, ranging from no stars for a poor or satisfactory perfume to four stars for an extraordinary scent.

"The creation of fragrance is one of the highest art forms crafted for the senses, the equal of painting for sight and music for hearing," said Mr. Burr, "and this column is about treating perfume as the art that it is. Every other true art has a serious criticism. I believe perfume should as well, for the benefit, and I hope enjoyment, of the Times reader and the industry expert both. Perfume is an aesthetically rich and complex product, one both deeply anchored in history and more commercially important than ever. My opinion is, of course, just my opinion; given The Times's weight, I take this responsibility quite seriously. I intend to treat this position with the greatest respect, and I'm delighted to serve as The Times's perfume critic."

"I am extremely excited about the launch of Chandler's column in T," said Stefano Tonchi, style editor of The New York Times Sunday Magazine and T. "The Times will be the first to cover the fragrance industry and perfume in the way it does movies, books and theater."

Mr. Burr's many definitive works on scent highlight his expertise in the subject. He has written articles on perfume for The Times, V Magazine, Food & Wine and The New Yorker. Mr. Burr's book was short-listed for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and he is currently working on a book about the Hermes fragrance Un Jardin sur le Nil, based on his behind-the-scenes account for The New Yorker.

Ad Paging Performance

The fall issue of T: Women's Fashion has a total of 179.2 advertising pages - a 6% increase over the same period one year ago - which is the largest the publication has seen since 1984, when it had 194.4 advertising pages.

New advertisers in the fall issue of T: Women's Fashion include: Perlina Handbags, Eric Javits, Aquatalia, Michael Kors, Paul Morelli, YSL Beaute, Lacoste Fragrance, Patek Philippe, Circa, Moet & Chandon, Anne Klein, Taryn Rose, Babette and Isda & Co.

The American Fashion segment is the largest contributing category in the issue, up 25% from the same period one year ago, but the base of advertising continues to diversify with growth in this issue in jewelry, home furnishings, alcoholic beverages, health & fitness, mass market stores and education.

"T: Women's Fashion is a compelling and highly effective publication that reaches both the trade and the consumer," said Alexis Buryk, senior vice president of advertising for The New York Times. "The continued strength and growth year after year is about the exceptional product and our unique, high-quality audience."

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