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This morning, after we fully digested Forbes' "Smart Women Will Rip Your Dick Right Off," piece, we grew curious about Michael Noer, its author. As it turns out, he's written another piece about marriage for Forbes. This one starts out, "Wife or whore? The choice is that simple."

Using a study by economists Lena Edlund and Evelyn Korn, Noer examines whether or not it's worth a man's investment to get married, particularly when comparable tail is available for a fee. But what of value?

Wives, in truth, are superior to whores in the economist's sense of being a good whose consumption increases as income rises—like fine wine. This may explain why prostitution is less common in wealthier countries. But the implication remains that wives and whores are—if not exactly like Coke and Pepsi—something akin to champagne and beer. The same sort of thing.

It goes on in that vein. There's also a slideshow! (Some images may be familiar from the slideshow in the "don't let your lady outearn you" piece, but no matter.) Also, what if your wife is a prostitute? Is it bad if she makes more than you do? We've never heard of Michael Noer before today, but, uh, jeez. Who's this guy married to, Caitlin Flanagan?

The Economics Of Prostitution [Forbes]

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