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Stories are trickling in from last weekend's TechCrunch party — "so-and-so ripped the G off the sign for host August Capital," "what's-his-name streaked through in a Speedo," and so on. Two fellow attendees told me about a bewilderingly clueless set of startuppers:

My informants saw two girls dressed as cheerleaders. Booth babes, they wondered, at a tame TechCrunch party? They chatted with the girls, who didn't seem to have any idea what their company (dCongo, official motto: "Two girls starting the best site ever!!!!11") really does. They asked where the founders were.

"We're the founders," the girls replied.

The questioners were confused; can't most startup founders at least bullshit their way through the company's business model?

Thankfully, another pair of dCongo startuppers arrived. These two looked like former Backstreet Boys and proved just as clueless, despite the girls' claims that the boys ran all the engineering.

Since then, the dCongo founders have written on their MySpace profile — no, wait, on their official front page:

And the girls were even meaner than the guys. Actually the guys were really nnnnnice (and cute!!)!! There were like two girls there and they were totally JEALOUS.

Conclusion? We bet (and desperately hope) that dCongo is the first fake Web 2.0 startup to infiltrate a Valley party. Otherwise, this industry really is fucked.

dCongo [Official site]