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Readers: A word of advice. Ask the following question: Why the hell would you print one of the most sexist, chauvinistic articles in the history of respectable periodicals and then republish it, but as a debate?

The answer, as those of you who have half a brain are sure enough to know (which means, if you're women, that you're unmarriageable), is to generate traffic and beef up page views. Gawker, which has been more than culpable in directing readers Forbes' way to view the willfully offensive piece about in the first place, has had enough. Should you wish to read more of Mr. Noer's gal-baiting antics, we're going to insist you read it here, which will deny Forbes the traffic they so clearly expected in publishing a piece this offensive. Silicon Valley bureau respondent Elizabeth Corcoran's P tainesque response can be found here.. Until then, please avoid Forbes. If you can't do it for the women in your life, at least do it to keep Noer from getting the bonus this piece will probably occasion.

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