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Today's selection comes from The Independent, a local paper apparently serving the Hamptons and its environs. The article is about Congressman Tim Bishop, who

co-hosted a press conference to promote amending the existing Public Health Service Act. Bishop, an advocate of cancer research, hopes to give the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences the ability to allot grants to public and not-for-profit entities so that research investigating possible links between environmental factors and instances of breast cancer can continue on a larger scale.

As is so often the case with these articles, your nominee can be determined by the very first sentence:

"Supporters might say he's the breast man for the job."

Yeah, they might say that. They might also say that Congressman Bishop "is no boob," or that, "when it comes to protecting a woman's health, Congressman Bishop is right there in the thick of tit." They might say a lot of things. But probably nothing this stupid. Maybe it's for the best that no one in the Hamptons knows how to read.

Bishop & Browning Seek Bucks for Breasts [Independent]