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Larry Ellison's always been Mr. Hollywood, and when it comes to women, he's true to form — or at least his reputation is. Over the past few weeks, commenters claiming to be the Oracle founder's ex-lovers invaded the review forum for a romance novel by his wife, Melanie Craft (pictured). Says one:

Melanie deals with Larry's infidelities by medicating herself with prescription anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills. Why do you think her eyes are half closed all the time? Tranquilizers will do that to you. Also, Melanie, if you are so gorgeous, why do they always crop you out of the pictures with Larry?

Says another:

Why havent you mentioned how his tongue darts around when he is kissing you with his gross mouth

Caveat: If these are all real, that means Larry's ex-wives club has nothing better to do than harrass his family online. We'd like to think his harem is above that.

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