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One thing we were cognizant of in casting the show, we weren't looking to put a white supremacist on with a member of the NAACP.

Damn shame, that. The Slug interviews Survivor host Jeff Probst about the rumored separation of next season's cast by race. The 20 eejits will be split into four initial teams: "black, white, Hispanic, and Asian." Initially, Probst & co. were just trying to bring more "diversity" to the show, as "80 percent" of contestant applicants are white. Then they hit on the idea of breaking up the teams by race, and the genius just flowered like a multicultural rose. Probst notes that eventually the "tribes" will merge as always, and the winning contestant will be the one who "integrates" the best. Maybe he meant "assimilates." TAN?

Slug Exclusive: Jeff Probst Talks "Survivor" Segregation [Slug]
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