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Oh anonymous bloggers, how you rile up the PR world with your incog-vitriol. Ben Smith of The Daily Politics showcases the latest commenter casualty, Ronn [sic] Torossian, who is so inflamed about being called a "political amateur" (my god, such language!), that he has been forced to go all Capital One on your asses in stating,

"We've done a tremendous amount of political work and generally for campaigns that pay more than four or five grand a month," he said. "I make a lot more money than Josh Isay or any of these other characters."

And if there's any confusion, by "characters," he means YOU.

Never one to avoid adding fuel to the lowest-common-denominator fire, we realize that Mr. T (he pities you fools) can't actually check your wallets, but we also know our Gawker Commenteers are a bunch of movers-and-shakers and not ones to back down when the gauntlet has been thrown. And we also know of a handy tool that quite unscientifically calculates the net worth of your blog vis- -vis your Technorati metrics. So we figure this should be enough to determine who's walking, and who's talking ... and, um, who's blogging.

Ronn, our willing control, threw out $5K/month ($60K annual, for the slowpokes in the house) to get this competition started. So now we ask you, bloggers, how much is your blog worth???

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