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Variety delves into the clusterfuckage that is the Redstone-Cruise situation, noting that even though CAA is rattling its saber over Cruise's perceived mistreatment, Paramount owns a significant chunk of super-client Steven Spielberg's ass, and wonders what might happen to the Cruise/Wagner projects set up at the 'Mount. [Variety]
· Cruise's break-up with his longtime studio companion "might have been the result of something as mundane as DVD sales." Fed-up partner Redstone has also intimated that Cruise's "insensitive refusal to put down the toilet seat after he's finished with his business" may have also been a factor in the split. [THR]
Apple pays $100 million to Creative for using their patented "words that make a clicky noise as you highlight them on a tiny video screen" interface on their iPod. [Variety]
Americans between the ages of 18-49 prove that their appetite for watching Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro offer slight variations on either positive, "You really brought it, bro!" or negative, "You really need to bring it, bro!" sentiments is still healthy, making Rock Star: Supernova Wednesday's most-watched show by their demographic. [THR]
TBS and some Fox affiliates buy the rights to Tyler Perry's syndicated sitcom House of Payne, which will go on to be wildly successful despite being completely ignored by white audiences. [Variety]