In this old-school edition of the stalk: An Examination of the Concept of Meta As It Relates to Kieran Culkin. And, of course, feel free to drop a tab, or a cap, or whatever it is you kids do these days to flashback to sightings circa Fall 2005, after all, we did.

In this old-school edition: Kieran Culkin, Jay-Z, Christie Brinkley, Bill Clinton, Julia Stiles, Sean Lennon, Natalie Portman, Clay Aiken, Emily Rossum, Michael Ian Black, Warren Beatty, Keith David, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kelis, Lindsay Lohan, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, BD Wong, Freddie Prinz Jr, Vin Diesel, Seth Meyers, Billy Crystal, Alec Baldwin, Liv Tyler, Usher, Adrian Grenier, Victor Rasuk, Marc Jacobs, Molly Shannon, Marisa Tomei, Marisa Tomei, Ric Ocasek, Clay Aiken, Harland Williams, Clive Davis, Robert Iller, and Federico Castelluccio.

Saw Kieran Culkin snogging a dark-haired beauty at the bar at East Village's Bar None last night around midnight. This was rather serendipitous as I had just come from seeing a play called Naughty Prep School Stories around the corner in which the character of Kieran Culkin was played by another actor. Before Kieran and his face-sucker retired to a more private booth in the back room, a group including some of the cast of the play came in. A dance ensued in which some of the cast tried to ascertain whether or not it was actually Kieran from different angles (the intense make out causing difficulties in sight lines). My original assumption that he'd heard about the play and went to see it was dashed as the Naughty Prep crew looked thrilled/ dumbfounded at their serendipity. Eventually they worked up the courage to interrupt the booth romp, accosting him with a playbill and flyers from the play. Kieran and his lady seemed good sports and took some flyers. When they finally left him, looking as if they were holding in giant grins (he probably lied about planning to check out the play), I overheard Kieran mention something about "the Twilight Zone." Curiously, the first guy to approach Kieran had a gray T-shirt that read "Stalker."

Around 6:00pm I saw Jay-Z exiting milk studios with 4 or 5 people on west 15th as I was entering. Very casually dressed and not as tall as I imagined. Left in a black Rolls Royce parked across the street.

I was having a drink at the upstairs bar at Centolire (86 and Madison) last night when Christie Brinkley came breezing in for dinner with a female friend. True, the woman's been having a tough time of late, but she looks unbelievable.
Saw Bill Clinton sitting behind home plate at the Mets - St. Louis game last night. Motorcade waited for him after the game in the parking lot. Guess he waited for the crowds to clear before he left the stadium.
Just saw Julia Stiles in the lobby of 90 Park Ave. Wearing jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. Looking cute with no makeup on and her hair pulled back. Rumor has it she was scoping out a movie site.
Beacon Theatre lobby 72nd and Broadway...The seed of late Beatle, John Lennon, Sean Lennon almost crashed into me. He was dressed in a sharp shirt and tie with a tight vest over it. Looked good.
Natalie Portman, watching the 7pm showing of the Illusionist at Angelika Theater with two male friends.
Emmy Rossum was at the 85th and 3rd Equinox on Monday night around 6 pm. She's small, very pale and very pretty. She was working out hard on a stairmaster.

Michael Ian Black walking west on 39th at Park Ave. at 8:40 this morning (8/22/06). He was wearing a white button-down shirt untucked with jeans. His hair is cut short and he was eating an apple. Looked awfully healthy for a comedian. Also, very sexy.
Warren Beatty at the MAC store on 5th right now. Tan on tan outfit resembling leisure suit.

Just spotted hot cocoa love Keith David on 51st and 7th as we passed Caf Duke. We smiled at each other as we passed. He is a fine brother with the good hair, and he appreciates a sister with lil junk in the trunk.

Last night (8/21) around 7:00 I saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Paragon Sports by Union Square. He was shopping for running sneakers with a really fit trainer-looking Chelsea-type guy. Jake is dreamy.

I saw Kelis getting her nails done at Spa Belles (18th St and 7th ave) last night. She was getting teal nail polish! Some dude who was waiting for his girlfriend to get a pedicure, got overly excited, but Kelis smiled for multiple pictures with him. I guess her milkshake does bring all the boys to the yard.

Lindsey Lohan is outside eating lunch at Sensa on 6th avenue and 21st Street right now. Black and white polka dot dress with a red belt and a dog under her chair.

Sat near Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson at the Shakespeare in the Park production of Mother Courage on Fri. Aug 18th. Both looked great and not a soul bothered them during intermission.

Doing my thing at the gym 14th and 5th on Monday around six, when this guy next to me won't shut up, I turn to give him the evil eye and I notice its BD Wong. Much shorter in person, he must not have lifts in his sneaks.

I saw Freddie Prinze, Jr. filming scenes from a movie in Madison Square Park. Some people told me to put away my camera and they also wouldn't tell me who else was in the movie, but I took a picture anyway.

Vin Diesel with an entourage of five guys (everbody in baseball caps) noisily checking out the new equinox in Soho from the outside. I said hi and he smiled and politely walked over to shake hands. Well mannered. Massive muscles, looks bigger than ever.
W. Houston and Mercer — Saw SNL goofball Seth Meyers at the Angelika last night (8/22) around 8:00. He and a male friend stood behind me in line. They were probably seeing either The Illusionist, which I saw (and was disappointed by), or Half Nelson.

Saw Billy Crystal laughing out loud at Last night's(8/24) production of Kiki and Herb: Alive on Broadway @ the Helen Hayes Theater

Had dinner this past Friday night at Nick & Toni's in East Hampton...saw Alec Baldwin eating with his fiancee (?), gorgeous woman, and at a separate table next to them was Liv Tyler w/ her hubby (who's very short, but cute) and a group of five or six more friends. Looked as though a good time was being had by all.

Last night I saw Usher drinking tequila at Nikki Midtown (50th and 3rd ave). It was an after party for his debut on Broadway. Outkast was also there.

Last night I saw Adrian Grenier (Entourage) and Victor Rasuk (Lords of Dogtown) at the 10:00 showing of Snakes on a Plane at Loews Lincoln Square on Broadway. Adrian is better looking in person.

Marc Jacobs working out with a trainer doing cardio in the soho equinox gym, wearing his trademark glasses. He seemed to be quite into it. He was wearing a grungy grey blue gym outfit. Is that what we are supposed to be wearing to workout for spring/summer 2007?

Molly Shannon lunching with an equally Irish looking, though much her junior female friend at Tartine - sounded like they were talking shop. Over eggs.

Just ran into Marisa Tomei in the lobby of the 60 Thompson in SoHo, very cute, very short, nice little black dress. Seemed in a rush, swooshed through the elevator doors talking (loudly) on her cell phone.
Monday, 2 pm. Cars' Ric Ocasek strolling east on 18th and Park Ave. So. No Paulina. One word: Lanky.

At about 1pm today I was in line behind Clay Aiken and a cute redhead at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square. They each bought a couple of CDs, couldn't see his but the chick bought Christina's new CD.

387 park ave south—Harland Williams looking very incognito in a red hat and sunglasses walking north on park so. Around 1pm

I saw a decrepit Clive Davis at Bar Pitti on Sunday night. He looks like your dad's dad, but like, older.

Corner of Park & 84th. 8/21 at 6:45PM. Robert "AJ Soprano" Iler and a male pal, looking like they were playing tag. Really. Kid still looks about 12, no matter how hard he tries to butch up that babyface.

Saw the wind blow a hot Italian guy's black button-down shirt up a little outside. Took a look at his face and realized that he was one of my crushes from The Sopranos, Federico Castelluccio (Furio). His long hair was down and he looked hot as ever climbing into the driver's seat of a black SUV.