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If you're anything like us (and really, we hope for your sake that you're much better adjusted), you've spent the last couple of days wondering what Tom Cruise has been doing to keep himself busy while his various mouthpieces suffer the slings and arrows of outraged fortune-hoarder Sumner Redstone on the star's behalf. This afternoon, at least, it seems that Cruise is looking for his next paycheck over in Santa Monica, confining his job search to the office park where both Yahoo! and HBO are located. Report two operatives on Cruise's very recent whereabouts:

· Tom Cruise & Katie are in Yahoo!'s offices today meeting with Terry Semel... is this one of the "investors"?

· Tom Cruise arrived at the Colorado Center at Broadway and 26th with "Kate" in tow. They went in through the loading dock and up to meet w/ HBO (perhaps inking a new deal?). There's about 10 paparazzi squatting at the top of the loading dock waiting for him to come out. Black Suburban.

Kudos to Cruise for being focussed enough to remember to bring his beloved fianc e along on meetings, denying her a tempting opportunity to flee while he's distracted by trying to find his next gig. We're sure he's thought of everything, even phoning ahead to let the companies know that should Katie silently mouth the words "help" or "save me" while Cruise's back is turned, she's merely running lines for her upcoming role as a mute kidnapping victim and should be ignored.

Of course, should the meetings with Yahoo! or HBO not yield a good fit, the actor can easily drive west to the nearby Third Street Promenade, where he can pick up some pocket money performing street-theater versions of his favorite scenes from Jerry Maguire. We bet the silver-painted "robot who can only be activated by spare change" will be brilliant working off Cruise and reinterpreting Cuba Gooding Jr.'s lines through his zowee whistle.

UPDATE: An operative clarifies, saying that, "unless you work at Yahoo, it's really easy to confuse the HBO/Yahoo premises," so Cruise might not have been headed to HBO during his visit. Do what you will with this update on confusing office park layouts.