Nicole Richie Vs. The Insult Puppets: The Audio
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A Defamer operative managed to get his hands on the audio from that infamous night at the Viper Room, when Nicole Richie, looking for a low-key evening of rock n' roll, instead found herself the victim of a handpuppet humiliation. The audio evidence, which we've uploaded for your inspection, reveals that the incident involved not one but two Triumph-style puppets who tag-team taunted poor Richie with jokes on the price of food and boasts about the size of their felt manhood. What we don't hear is any laughter, from the stage, audience, or otherwise, which could be why the artist in question has since been informed that his insult-puppet services were "too controversial" and would no longer be needed, essentially clearing his schedule for any birthdays, bar mitzvahs, or "Paris" CD signings which may come his way in the weeks to come.