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Hey, remember that hippie-filled social network, Tribe, from the Friendster days? Founder Mark Pincus just took it over, proving that sometimes, an ex-CEO can fire his replacement and wrest back control of a company.

Mark says on his blog:

hey, this is an informal announcement that as of today jan and the board are gone. i've taken over tribe and you're going to see big changes fast like getting rid of this big stupid masthead and returning tribe to the users where it belongs.

Obviously, Mark's not happy with the changes made by the new CEO, a former Pepsi exec who took over for Mark last year. Now he's come to clean house. Will it save Tribe and bring it back as a contender?

We'll investigate this throughout the day, so stay tuned.

we've taken tribe back! [Mark's Tribe blog]
Photo by Mark Pincus [Flickr]