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• We told you about the stellar job Martin Landau was doing on Entourage, and we're not the only ones noticing. Old-school producer Bob Evans is pissed at seeing himself being played so well. [Gatecrasher]
• After modeling underwear for years, and fortifying his thespian resume by playing a well-endowed pornstar, Marky Mark (that's still how we remember you) is delighted about an opportunity to showcase his privates for children. [Lowdown, 2nd item]
• Mariah says, "I AM not a diva!" We say, "Errr, then why did you do that VH1 Divas Live concert back in the days?" [Liz Smith]
• Simple Life V? Ugh. We're not watching, but perhaps they should team up with Survivor, both shows seem familiar with riding a dead horse into the ground. [TMZ]