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The images you see before you are pages 23 and 27 of today's New York Post. The close reader might note that they're the exact same story, the only difference being the images used. Page 23 prominently features Getty stock footage of a party girl and a smaller image of Councilwoman Melinda Katz (who looks pissed about something; page twenty-seven gives pride of place to Katz, while offering a more diminutive version of Getty party girl). We understand that fuckups happen; you need merely refresh this page more than once a day to see at least seven. Still, we can't help but wonder: Is this some kind of Post focus group? If the question is whether readers would prefer the hottie with the drink or the surly City Councilperson, well, we're gonna vote hottie every time. Especially now that Eva Moskowitz is out of politics.

Bottle Battle Against Clubs [NYP]