Early this morning we sat down with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Suozzi and asked him your questions. Mr. Suozzi, answering some fairly juvenile queries, was thoughtful, professional, and substantive throughout the entire interview. Which leaves us with something of a quandary: While we don't doubt the man's political aplomb, we're not sure than any of you want to see it. So we've chosen instead to cut a series of commercials using footage from the interview: We're prepared to allow the Suozzi campaign to use them free of charge in whatever venue they desire. Let's face it, barring the revelation that Eliot Spitzer keeps Rudy Giuliani's prostate in a jar, the guy doesn't have a chance. It couldn't hurt, right? After the jump, the ads that will propel the Nassau County Executive into the high twenties.

Frankly, we like the joke-telling one best; it lets you see the man in his natural element, unrehearsed and at ease. Should Attorney General Spitzer care to send us a video where he does his famous version of the black guy and the French guy riding the subway story, we'd be more than happy to allow him a similar forum.

Thanks again to Mr. Suozzi for being an incredibly good sport. On behalf of everyone at Gawker we'd like to express our fond appreciation. May you lose by less than forty points.