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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie managed to leave the Compound That Love Built™ last night, secure that Maddox, Zahara and the Chosen One were being well supervised in their nursery, amusing themselves to no end with the various hand-carved, African farming implements they've been provided with in place of more traditional, "Western" toys. The occasion was Scott Caan's 30th birthday at a Hollywood art gallery, a star-studded event also attended by his Oceans 13 co-star Matt Damon, with nuclear-family-elements in tow. But things quickly grew awkward when, upon Jolie's arrival, she was informed that Jon Voight, the father to whom she hasn't spoken in years, was inside:

Pitt left Jolie in the vehicle and entered the party to see Caan, shortly before Voight decided to leave.

After realizing her father had left the building, Jolie finally joined the bash, reports

Voight and Jolie haven't spoken to each other since 2002.

We imagine there will be many more of these incidents to come, especially since Jolie has left the father-distancing sanctuary of Namibia's shores, and returned to the far less insular social circles of Hollywood. Perhaps the actress eventually will be able to see beyond past transgressions, and grant the man who years ago encouraged her terrible guitar playing his greatest wish of reconciliation. Then again, maybe she'll just continue serving up the icy, silent treatment, camping out for three hours in a Range Rover idling outside the Beverly Hilton, if that's what it will take to avoid eye contact with the disowned genetic-material-donator attending the Golden Globes ceremony inside.