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Marissa Mayer, Google's VP of Search Products, User Experience, and Puff Pieces, gets interviewed and profiled in today's Guardian. This time, it's for her brilliant insight into the role of Internet video. Things we learned from this piece:

  • Marissa = success of the Internet. Do not question this.
  • Google Video is part of the new Internet revolution. Just like Froogle was, remember?
  • Marissa wants to dress like Jennifer Aniston.
  • She's a real geek. Honest!
  • Look! She bought LED strips! From China! She "can't wait to sit down and program them!"
  • I think the Guardian hinted that Larry Page is gay. Or a Scientologist. Or leaving Paramount.
  • She doesn't believe in burnout. Hey, she's 31, she'll live forever, right?
  • Marissa says she can't think of any mistakes Google has made. She thus joins Bill Gates and George W. Bush among the ranks of people with no memorable slip-ups.

Google's geeky queen of the search-o-sphere [UK Guardian]