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  • Web calendar startup Kiko sold for over $250k, which blogger Om Malik says is a great deal for a company that only took $50k in "convertible debt" (an angel investment somewhere between a loan and buying a share of the company outright). [GigaOM]
  • Steve Jobs came under options backdating suspicion again. Even if he's cleared for some tricky (but not very shady) stock option grants at Apple, he could get in trouble for another grant at Pixar. (Background: Apple is investigating possible cases where stock options were granted, then the gift date changed to make the options worth more. [Update: Backdating is fine, if you properly account for it — which may not have happened here.]) [SF Chronicle]
  • Meanwhile, the San Jose Mercury News interviewed a leading applied ethics professor about the stock backdating issue, which is now one of Silicon Valley's biggest industry-wide scandals. [Mercury News]
  • Google finally promised to break into the B2B market, making every journalist and analyst stare at Google and Microsoft, shouting "Fight! Fight! Fight!" It's like seeing 50 Cent roll into The Game's favorite club — something's gotta go down. [NYT, no reg needed]
  • Ex-Qwest chief and accused inside trader Joe Nacchio (pictured) will be tried at the company's home city of Denver, despite Nacchio's effort to move the trial elsewhere, since, well, everyone in Denver hates him. [CBS 4 with video]