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In today's episode: George Clooney; Tobey Maguire and Jeffrey Katzenberg; Reese Witherspoon; Dustin Hoffman; Christian Bale; Fiona Apple and John Krasinski; Wanda Sykes; Doug Benson; Tom Everett Scott; Laura San Giacomo; Maria Bello; Adam Levine; Jenny Schimizu and Chloe Sevigny; Ron Livingston and Daniel Franco; Casey Affleck; Traci Lords; Amy Smart; Gregory Smith; Phyllis Diller; Mindy Cohn and Busy Phillips.

· Saw George Clooney @ Jones Hollywood on Wednesday night (8/22) drinking with a few friends at the bar. He actually looks a lot taller and skinner in person than I imagined. Looks like he was engaged in conversation with a surprisingly wholesome looking redhead, and probably could've 'hit it' if he so desired.

· Wednesday night at the Commerce Casino Tobey Maguire and Jeffrey Katzenberg were playing in the same no-limit hold 'em game. They were sitting next to each other and appeared to be casually talking between hands. Could this mean that Spiderman will be making an appearance in the next Shrek? I would have jumped in with them, but the blinds were $50-$100, making it a huge game — much too rich for my meager bankroll. Katzenberg had about $20K on the table, and Maguire was in for about double that. I saw Maguire try bluff at a couple of pots, but he was raised and had to throw his hand away. Obviously, his Spidey sense wasn't working too well.

· Went up to Santa Barbara with my girlfriend over the weekend to visit my Pops and have a free dinner, maybe some inappropriate guest bedroom sex with the lady. I managed to pull off one of the two. Anyhow, next day, I figured I'd take them out to breakfast at the IHOP because, well, I can afford IHOP. On my way in I see a tiny little thing with a hat pulled way down. The impish figure in question turned out to be none other than the Ryan Philippe emasculator herself, Reese Witherspoon. In related, frightening news, my girl says "I knew it was her because I recognized the baby". * chills *

· Was having brunch with a friend at Coral Tree Cafe in Westwood Tuesday (8/22) morning and had the pleasure of an A list sighting—Dustin Hoffman sitting at a huge table in the center of the place. He was with a business associate of some kind, discussing things in earnest, looking at things written on legal pads. He looked exactly as one would expect, was dressed casually in jeans and running shoes, though the gray in his hair has gone a bit whiter. No one bothered him. He wasn't eating anything by the time I got there, which is good for him, because my mediocre pancakes cost $9! So glad I live on the east side—sure, fewer sightings of living cinematic legends, but better, affordable pancakes.

· Christian Bale Culver City, Target Store, Aug. 26, 2006, 6:00 pm ish
I'm about 90% sure it was him (he had the dark sunglasses and black baseball cap on). He was with his wife and little daughter, apparently just arriving, as they seemed to be getting the kid situated in the shopping cart outside, as I was driving away, frustrated and spilling a mocha Starbucks Frappucino on my cream colored shirt. I was frustrated because, well, anyone who's shopped in Culver City Target will understand THAT - insane amounts of people and empty shelves, and spilling the Frappucino because I forgot to sip and was thinking, would Batman really shop at Target? Funny, because I just saw the Machinist a few days earlier. He and his wife look casual, just normal. Wouldn't have even recognized him if I hadn't been driving so slow right by them.

· Was at the fab Revenge of the Bookeaters show Saturday night (Aug 26); as my friends and I were leaving, who should be exiting in the opposite direction but the breathtaking-in-person Fiona Apple. She was wearing a blue coat, looking super gorgeous and was with a man. But I was mesmermized by her eyes and her secretive grin, and so I didn't pay attention to him. She looked like she wanted to be left alone though, and I didn't pester her. La Apple looks like she is doing swell.

Also, please note - Mr. Donnie Darko 'couldn't make it', and instead we got the awesome John Krasinski! Totally a trade-up in my book.

· Wanda Sykes at San Vicente and Santa Monica. Walking towards Rage with a lady friend. She loves WeHo! Also.... Doug Benson getting trashed and taking pics with Best Week Ever fans at the Killers Troubadour show.

· living in the b and c list celebrity enclave of the san fernando valley, i am in constant contact with the kinda famous, almost famous, wanna be famous and shouldn't be famous. for instance, here's a b-list sighting (my rating, not the medias) - saturday morning, as i was heading out of the locker room at the 24 hour fitness in sherman oaks, who should i walk past, heading IN to the locker room but a gangly, unshaven tom everett scott. he's tall and even more good looking in person (if at all possible).
then, sunday afternoon, while strolling through the fashion square at sherman oaks, i ran across laura san giacomo and her son in the gap. as if that weren't enough for me, this morning (monday) at 8 am i'm at the cvs on ventura boulevard and noble picking up various sundries for my trip to new york and who should i spy buying scented candles and marie claire magazine but maria bello (another stunner in person)! my heart is full!

· Saturday night, 11:45 PM. August 26th, 5925 Franklin Ave. My friends and I had just walked out of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. We walked past a packed, sports/ post-collegiate bar, Birds, and decided to get a pint before our drive home. As we are being carded by a Pillsbury Doughboy-type doorman, lo and behold, sitting in a corner booth is Adam Levine, singer of Maroon 5. Dressed in a white V-neck t-shirt and drinking what looked like a pint of Stella. He is crouched in deep conversation with another white V-neck t-shirt wearing, Stella-drinking guy. The crowd either had no idea who this was, or they left this superstar alone. No one seem interested and everyone pretty much ignored him. Even when he stood up and walked into a thick crowd of people outside, then turned to light a cigarette. No one even gave him a second glance. Hollywood is amazing.

· Seen at the Sunset Junction Street Fair:

Former Calvin Klein model and blabby Angelina Jolie paramour: Jenny Shimizu. She was surrounded by friends, none of whom were Angelina Jolie, sadly.

Chloe Sevigny! She looked pretty much like your standard hipster sylph. I was happy to see she wasn't anorexic. Or fellating Vincent Gallo.

· Saturday night, 12:30-ish at the Bowery on Sunset: Ron Livingston having a late supper with some chick. Some guy from "Project Runway" was there, too; I've been told his name is Daniel Franco, but since I don't watch the show and don't pay attention to reality contestants, I didn't oooh and ahhh to the extent my drinking companion did.

· Oops, forgot to send this one in. Wed, 8/16, back from work trip, had leisurely early dinner on Casita del Campo patio and sat next to table of gorgeous guy and gal and kids and other actor types. Turns out it was a very delish looking (why am i speaking like Casablanca?) Casey Affleck and the blonde chick from Deadwood (Paula Malcomson). She was very sweet, Casey was stunning looking and the kids were precious. That is all.

· Saw Traci Lords in the audience at Taking the Jesus Pill at the King King in Hollywood last Wednesday (8/23). She and her two friends looked like they were really enjoying themselves. She's really pretty and sorta wholesome looking in person. Not what I was expecting.

· I saw Amy Smart (of Road Trip fame!?!?) in Forever 21 at Beverly Center. She got all excited because a brown dress was really cheap. She didnt look too good. That girl should not leave the house without makeup.

· Saturday before the Emmys, I was loitering near the cheese samples at Bristol Farms, where I saw Gregory Smith, AKA Everwood's dreamy piano playing Ephram Brown, over by the sushi counter. He is way cuter in person than he is on television. Now I'm really sad that the CW axed them instead of 7th Heaven.

· On Sat night (8/26) I saw a dolled up comedy legend Phyllis Diller at the Hollywood Bowl, on hand to watch, appropriately enough, the comedy night with the Smothers Brothers. She looked surprisingly good!

· 8/18 - Urth Caffe in BH. I was about to ask the couple mulling the menu in front of me if they were in fact in line when they turned to leave, at which point I simultaneously noticed the haggard yet hip woman was The Facts of Life's Mindy Cohn and that she was saying to her hot male companion, "For reals?" They later returned to browse at the coffee selection before eventually getting cups to go. Does that count? Mindy Cohn spending a Fright evening perplexed by the Urth Caffe's offerings and saying, "For reals?"

· Saturday night, Formosa Cafe. Spotted "Dawson's Creek Alum" Busy Phillips (aka Joey's slutty college roommate) standing near the bar with some friends, clogging the main walkway through the place. She's much bigger than I thought she'd be—I don't mean fat, I just mean like a Junior Amazon. She had on a trendy-ish outfit and was very, very blonde.