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You watch the Emmys, kids? Yeah, same here. Still, we read the coverage in The Paper of Record and came across this:

There should be an annual award for most glaring omission in an acceptance speech. This year, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who won for leading actress in a sitcom, the "New Adventures of Old Christine," won the amnesia award hands down, wracking her brain onstage to remember whom she had forgotten to thank, while the camera panned to her husband. It took several beats, and whispers from the audience, to jog her memory.

Okay, sounds good to us. Except - and this is a big one - this piece was written by Alessandra Stanley, thus requiring the need for fact-checking. So we called everyone we knew to see if anyone had watched the show. Finally, on the thirteenth call, we found someone lame, but honest, enough to have TIVO'd the thing. We took a look, and, well, it was a fucking gag. Honestly, it was so obviously a gag that the Emmy audience got it. And we're talking about a group that included Vanessa Minnillo.

So, yeah, another entry in the Stanley files. Still, you've got to like what it says about the Emmys: Even the Times' TV critic wasn't watching.

The Emmys, Though Moved Up to August's Dog Days, Had the Bite of Early Fall [NYT]