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Um, remember this garbage?

Last March, 26-year-old heiress and socialite Casey Johnson found out from the New York Post's "Page Six" that the man she thought was her boyfriend, John Dee, had had a relationship with an older woman: her 56-year-old aunt, Libet Johnson.

Well, the class-acts at Vanity Fair know that no sordid story is dead unless they forget to dig it up, so:

To accompany the article by Suzanna Andrews in the September [2006] issue of Vanity Fair, Casey, a close friend of Paris and Nicky Hilton's, poses for Jonathan Becker and gives Dee a provocative glimpse of what he's missing.

Yes, give him a glimpse of what he is missing. See that, Dee? You could have had it all, the flagrant self-promotion, the seemingly total lack of social constraint, the busted face. Oooh, just one small favor: could you please spare us the glimpse? We can't afford therapy.

(WARNING: Link potentially NSFW!)

Endowments of an Heiress [Vanity Fair]