[Update: Agh, we're two weeks behind with this news. Damn it, our staff sent this Internet to us and it just arrived...]

In a deal that can only end in way too many CamelCasedWords, InterActiveCorp (owners of Ticketmaster, Ask.com, Bloglines, Evite, and Citysearch) bought 51% of Connected Ventures (owners of College Humor, Busted Tees, and a little video site called Vimeo).

It's all the control at half the cost, and forgive us if the excited College Humor boys look a bit like a band that just inked a deal with the really cool dude from the music label.

IAC Acquires Controlling Interest in Connected Ventures, LLC [IAC.com via Hurty Elbow]
Photo by Zach Klein [Flickr, CC]