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We're not proud of a lot of the things we do on Gawker but we're fucking beaming about this:

A recent headline on — "Who is Alicia Colon and Why is a Religion of Peace Trying to Kill Her?" — has prompted an Albanian Muslim to send me an e-mail expressing concern that I had received death threats for my columns supporting Israel. I explained that the blog entry was satiric and not to be taken seriously.

Whoever edits the Gawker site decided that I was overwrought about Muslims in my community not rising up to condemn Islamic terrorism, especially in light of a Staten Islander being arrested for plotting to bomb our subway system. The site's entry began as follows: "Remember the plot to murder Sun columnist Alicia Colon? You don't? Well, it happened a couple years ago, but, as the target, she hasn't forgotten." Who could blame the Albanian for misunderstanding?

This is a whole column full of crazy; to single anything out would be to unfairly suggest that the other items were somehow less completely and utterly insane. But once we finished reading the whole thing, we finally realized it: Alicia Colon is the Mrs. Kravitz of Staten Island, and Albanian Muslims are the magical neighbors who are trying to sneak something past her. Like a bomb.

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