Paramount Turns Over Funds From WTC's MySpace Tip Jar To 9-11 Charities

It seems that Paramount is delivering on its pledge to donate a portion of its opening weekend ticket sales to charity, sending 2.6 million guilt-defraying U.S. dollars to various 9/11-related causes:

The producers of "World Trade Center" are donating $1.3 million to the Sept. 11 memorial, keeping a promise to give 5 percent of the film's opening weekend box office receipts to help build it. Another $1.3 million from the weekend's proceeds will be split equally among three Sept. 11-related charities, the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation said.

Despite our fear that Paramount would disappear enough of World Trade Center's money into suspect budget lines like "Dedicated Nicolas Cage Mustache Groomer," "Rubble Verisimilitude Consulting," and the especially suspicious "Tom Cruise Relocation Expenses" to back out of a substantial donation, the studio nobly honored its commitment, making the entire project seem slightly less cynically conceived to exploit a recent tragedy for middling box office returns, and for that they should be applauded.